Payments & Requests

Make a Payment 

You will need your Central Professional Services account number, your access code, and your pin number located in the box near the top of your letter.

To pay with credit card, click the icon below to be redirected to, a secure payment site.

To pay using your checking account, click the icon below to enter your account information. By entering your account information, you authorize Central Professional Services to withdraw funds from your account.

Request a Payment Plan

  • To submit a payment proposal to Central Professional Services, please fill out the form.
Submit Payment Plan

Submit Insurance

  • If you believe your insurance company is responsible for this balance and the service date is less than 12 months old, please provide your insurance information below and we will check on the status of your claim
Submit Insurance

Recent Payments

  • Do you believe payment has been made on your account? Please use the form below to provide the necessary payment information. We will use information provided to verify the status of your payment.
Submit Payment Info

This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. You are now communicating with a debt collector.