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Central Professional Services , Michigan debt collection agency, is committed to providing the finest customer service and achieving highest recovery rates in the industry. We strive to build long lasting partnerships with all of our clients. Our agency believes that a professional, empathetic approach to resolving debt is the key to maximizing collections revenue while preserving as many customer relationships as possible. Choosing a reputable Michigan debt collection agency with a proven track record is an important decision. It is easy to fooled by agencies who offer you the lowest fees. The lowest fees quite often mean the lowest results.

Why our clients selected us as their Michigan Collection Agency:

  • Our staff are among the top Michigan debt collectors: experienced and well trained professionals motivated to collect every dollar in as few attempts as possible.
  • Competitive fee structures; NEVER any fees unless we collect.
  • FREE account set up, FREE account placements, and ZERO out of pocket costs.
  • Full service legal collections; we pay legal fees up front!
  • Online client portal for secure account placements, payment reporting, and client communications.
  • Online consumer payment portal for convenient payment options available 24 hours a day.
  • Exclusive collection management software and state of the art phone systems
  • Central Professional Services is proud to promise that if our phones ring during business hours they will be answered by a real person ready and able to assist you.
  • Get high performance debt recovery solutions and avoid the hassles of hiring, training, and costs to your own workforce.


Unlike traditional collection agencies, our approach to debt recovery is rooted in professional standards and ethical conduct. We steer clear of the intimidation tactic and questionable conduct commonly used by other collection agencies. It is our commitment to both our client partners and their customers, that has earned Central Professional Services the reputation as a leading Michigan debt collection agency.

If you have been looking for a Michigan debt collection agency or just looking for more information, contact us today!

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