Central Professional Services

Michigan Debt Collection Agency

Central Professional Services, is a trusted Michigan debt collection agency, that has been proudly serving our clients since 1976. As a third-party debt collection agency, we are fully licensed and insured in accordance with Michigan's regulations, ensuring compliance and professionalism in all our operations.

Our commitment is unwavering, aimed at ensuring a positive and professional experience for both our valued clients and consumers alike. We stand as leaders in the Michigan debt collection industry, offering tailored healthcare account receivable solutions for over four decades.

The team of Central Professional Services provides our client with a successful solution proven through extensive experience and wealth of knowledge, boasting a collective 300 years of debt collection expertise. We take pride in being a Michigan-owned and operated agency since day one. Our current owner brings over 30 years of dedicated service, specializing in medical debt collections.

Our commitment to excellence extends to our extensive industry knowledge and experience. We are devoted to equipping both our clients and consumers with the necessary resources and tools to facilitate efficient and optimal debt resolution.

Central Professional Services is here to provide top-notch debt collection services, leveraging our decades of experience to help you achieve the best possible outcomes while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism.

Choose Central Professional Services as your trusted Michigan debt collection agency, and let us work together toward financial success.



A Note From Our President

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