Michigan Debt Collection Authority

Consent is Key

Consent is key to success Consent is key, specifically pass-through consent when it comes to past-due accounts. Our agency is committed to keeping our client partners educated while utilizing industry best practices for your in-house collections process and procedures. The topic of today’s education is pass-through consent. Obtaining pass-through consent is imperative to a successful […]

Hiring a Debt Collection Agency

    As a business owner, one of the most frustrating experiences is having to deal with past-due accounts and unpaid debts. That’s where collection agencies come in – they specialize in helping businesses recover their unpaid debts. However, it’s important to choose the right debt collection agency to ensure that your accounts are handled […]

Third Party Debt Collection

    For medical offices, it is important to focus on providing high-quality patient care and maintaining a positive relationship with your patients. However, it is also important to properly manage your financial affairs, including collecting outstanding medical debts. This is where a third party debt collection agency can be helpful. There are several reasons […]

Collection Agencies Near Me

Collection Agencies Near Me? Yes, it will make a difference! Collection agencies near me, this is the perfect place to begin looking for collection agencies. When it comes to finding the best debt collection agency for your business or the one you manage, it is not always easy and requires a little bit of research. […]

Free Credit Report: Reviewing Annually

How To Review Your Credit Report Get a copy of your credit reports Free Credit Report!? Once every 12 months, credit reports from each of the three major consumer reporting companies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) are available free of charge. You can request and review your free report through one of the following ways: Online: […]

Telemedicine and TCPA

Telemedicine and Texting: Telephone Consumer Protection Act Telemedicine and remote patient monitoring companies often want to maintain open communication channels with patients, whether it be scheduling, medication reminders, engagement rings, or even new product and service updates. Texting and push notifications are the current favored communication methods to engage patient-users. Digital healthcare professionals can use […]

Past Due Accounts: Why wait?

Past Due Accounts: The Sooner The Better Past due accounts often get overlooked by a business before the holidays. It’s easy to forget things around the office this time of year. Things pile up or get set aside. Clients mention being “just too busy” to deal with their past-due accounts during the period surrounding the […]

Michigan Taxpayers Collection Scam Alert!

  LANSING, Mich. – Michigan taxpayers with past-due tax debts should be aware of an aggressive scam that’s making the rounds through the U.S. Postal Service, according to the Michigan Department of Treasury (Treasury). In the scheme, Michigan taxpayers receive a letter about an overdue tax bill, asking individuals to immediately contact a toll-free number […]

Collection Industry Returns $90.1 Billion

    ACA International’s 2020 State of the Collection Industry Report in partnership with Kaulkin Ginsberg Company provides an overview of important trends related to how the industry benefits consumers, creditors and the overall economy.    ACA International’s members and the collection industry serve an important role between creditors and consumers, as shown in recent […]