Consent is Key

Consent is key to success

Consent is key, specifically pass-through consent when it comes to past-due accounts. Our agency is committed to keeping our client partners educated while utilizing industry best practices for your in-house collections process and procedures. The topic of today’s education is pass-through consent. Obtaining pass-through consent is imperative to a successful debt collection program.

Here is a great example:

“I consent to receive telephone calls, text messages, emails, and other communications using live, artificial, or pre-recorded voices, or any other computer-aided technologies from (Insert facility name) or other third parties who may act on their behalf such as a collection agency unless I request that information about my services & bill for services be delivered differently. Such text messages and/or telephone calls may be related to any purpose, including those related to my account and/or the care rendered. I consent to grant (insert facility name here) the right and authority to record my voice when communications occur over the phone.”

Consent for Successful Collections - Central Professional Services 2023

Pass-through consent in medical debt collections refers to the process of obtaining consent from patients to release their medical information to third-party debt collection agencies. Here are some key reasons why pass-through consent is important:

  1. Protecting Patient Privacy: Pass-through consent is necessary to safeguard patient privacy and ensure that their medical information is shared only with authorized individuals or entities. HIPAA regulations require healthcare providers to obtain patient consent before disclosing their protected health information (PHI) to third parties for debt collection purposes.
  1. Compliance with HIPAA: By obtaining pass-through consent, healthcare providers demonstrate their commitment to complying with HIPAA regulations. HIPAA sets strict guidelines for the privacy and security of patient health information, and failure to obtain appropriate consent can result in legal and financial consequences.
  1. Building Patient Trust: Obtaining pass-through consent promotes transparency and builds trust between healthcare providers and patients. Patients feel more secure knowing that their medical information will be shared responsibly and only with authorized parties involved in the debt collection process.
  2. Facilitating Effective Debt Collection: Pass-through consent enables the seamless transfer of relevant medical information to third-party debt collection agencies. Access to accurate and comprehensive medical records can help collection agencies better understand a patient's financial situation, develop appropriate repayment plans, and engage in more informed discussions regarding payment options.
  3. Improved Collection Success Rates: With access to medical information, debt collection agencies can better assess a patient's ability to pay, identify potential insurance coverage, or pursue alternative financial assistance programs. This increased understanding can lead to more successful debt recovery efforts and higher collection rates.

It is important for healthcare providers to make sure that they have proper consent processes in place, and communicate the purpose of the consent. They also need to maintain documentation to show they are complying with HIPAA regulations.  By obtaining pass-through consent, healthcare providers can effectively navigate the legal and ethical complexities of medical debt collection while prioritizing patient privacy and trust.

Does your office have the proper consent from your patients? Unsure where to start?

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